All aspects of criminal defence law including regulatory work is undertaken at every level, investigation to prosecution, police station to Crown Court.


  • Drugs - supply, production, importation, possession
  • Violence - from common assault through to murder
  • Public Order offences such as affray, violent disorder, disorderly or threatening behaviour
  • Sexual offences, including representation when the police are seeking prohibitive orders
  • Theft, fraud and dishonesty allegations, shoplifting through to burglary and robbery
  • Criminal damage including arson
  • Dangerous dogs
  • Breaches of court orders
  • Opposing applications made by the police or the local council for anti-social behaviour orders, closure orders, football banning orders


This list is not exhaustive.




We have specialised experience in the following areas:



Youth Court Cases


If you are 17 or under your case will usually be dealt with in the Youth Court. The law relating to youths and the possible outcomes that may result are very different to those for adults. It is extremely important that you are represented by someone with experience. A number of our solicitors specialise in dealing with youths so you will be dealt with by an expert.



Social Media Offences


There has been a great deal of discussion in the news about these offences which

can range from contempt of court to malicious communications. As the use of twitter,

Facebook and other social networking sites increases the law is changing dramatically.

This is a developing area of law that we, as a young team, are more aware of and able

to advise upon.



Road Traffic Cases


This is a specialised area of law in which many profess to be experts. We at LHD have

a proven track record of dealing with motoring cases throughout our geographical area

and beyond. We have successfully defended cases ranging from not wearing a seatbelt

through to causing death by dangerous driving.





Police Station Advice


We will attend the police station with you at any time of the day or night, we are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All representation at the police station is free to anyone no matter their income. This applies to those arrested or those asked to attend voluntarily. We will attend with you to provide support and expert advice.


We will also attend interviews with the Local Authority, Trading Standards or the Benefits Agency. You may be entitled to free legal advice even when these interviews do not take place at the police station so please ask us for further information.


We regularly attend police stations throughout the North West and also travel further afield.


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