The Legal Aid Agency have contracted with LHD Solicitors Ltd to carry out all areas of criminal defence work. In many cases this representation will be free of charge.


Police Station Representation

The Legal Aid Agency contract enables us to deal with cases at the police station free of charge. Contact us on our 24 hour emergency number 07983 373553 or during office hours on 01524 846024.


Magistrates Court

You may be entitled to free legal aid for representation at the Magistrates’ Court and we can help you make an application. This is a means tested application and if you do not qualify for legal aid we can represent you on a fee paying basis. Our rates are competitive and in some cases we can represent you for an agreed fee.


Crown Court

If your case is heard at the Crown Court you may qualify for legal aid. This is a more complex application which will require details of your finances and assets. This will all be explained to you if your case reaches this stage.






Our Fees


Motoring Offences – Fixed Fees


Written representations/Advice during an hour appointment


Guilty Plea (Representation at Court)


Guilty Plea Involving

     Special Reason Hearing

     Exceptional Hardship Application

     Totting up Penalty Points


Not Guilty Plea and Trial



Our fees are determined on a case by case basis, dependent upon the number of hearings and complexities of the case. Estimates do not include additional disbursements, such as travel costs and expert fees. All fees will incur VAT at 20%.



(starting from)



£200.00 - £400.00


£300.00 - £600.00


£500.00 - £1000.00





£1000.00 - £2000.00


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