Having recently needed the services of a solicitor for a court case, I contacted Mr John Halewood-Dodd, Managing Director & Senior Defence Solicitor for LHD Solicitors. Whilst maintaining professional etiquette, he nevertheless put me fully at ease and treated me in a friendly and empathetic manner, explaining matters in language that was readily understood. It was apparent from the outset that Mr Halewood-Dodd was more than an expert in his field. He immediately assuaged many of my strongest fears – to someone, like myself, nervous and completely unacquainted with the workings of the legal system, this was more than welcome. He never promised more than he was capable of delivering and prior to my appearing in court never lost patience with my flow of questions. Throughout, Mr Halewood-Dodd displayed a calm assurance – no doubt born out of a wealth of experience. Subsequently, in court, he achieved a successful resolution to my case, underlining his exceptional prowess. Should I require a solicitor in the future, I would not hesitate to contact him again.